France banned the movement of Turkish nationalists ” Grey Wolves “

Head of the French Interior Ministry Gerald Darmanen reported on the official ban of the Turkish nationalist organization “Grey Wolves” in the country. He wrote about it on Wednesday, November 4, on his Twitter page.

According to the French minister, the organization “incites hatred” and is involved in acts of violence.

“The “Grey Wolves” movement was dissolved at the Council of Ministers in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Republic,” Darmanen added. He attached a photograph of the decree banning the organization to his post.

In recent weeks, several terrorist attacks have occurred in Europe. On October 16 in France teacher Samuel Patit was beheaded. On October 29 a native of Tunis attacked people in Notre Dame church with a knife. Three people were killed.

A man with a machete was detained the day before in Paris.