France has beefed up security at police stations because of a terrorist attack

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin announced on Friday, April 23, the strengthening of security measures in front of all police stations and gendarmeries in the country after the murder of a law enforcement officer in the French town of Rambouillet (department of Yvelines), reports the channel BFMTV.

The attack on the female police officer was carried out earlier in the day. A man attacked the woman in the police commissariat and stabbed her, which resulted in her death a short time later. The attacker was wounded by law enforcement officers while attempting to apprehend her and later died.

According to the channel, the attacker was shouting Islamic slogans during the attack, and the last page he viewed on his smartphone was a YouTube video about jihad.

Earlier Friday, TV sources said the attacker was a Tunisian national. He arrived in France in 2009. It is also specified that the deceased police officer was 49 years old.

The attack has already been investigated by the country’s national antiterrorist prosecutor’s office. Prior to that, the investigation was handled by the Yvelines prosecutor’s office.

French President Emmanuel Macron, commenting on the attack, said that the republic would not give up in the fight against terrorism.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex, who arrived on the scene, called the attack a new terrorist attack. He also reiterated the French government’s determination to fight against all forms of terrorism.