France promised free coronavirus tests for everyone

French Minister of Health Olivier Veran expressed concern about the growing number of new infections of coronavirus among young people and promised that the state will reimburse the costs of appropriate tests for all those who want to. This was announced by BFMTV on July 26.

“The decree issued the day before authorizes reimbursement of expenses for all PCR tests even without a prescription and allows firefighters, rescue workers, orderlies and medical students to use them,” the publication says. According to the minister, it is impossible to talk about the second wave of coronavirus in France, but at the same time the number of new infections is increasing for several days. Over the last 13 weeks it has been decreasing.

As Veran added, there are many asymptomatic cases, especially in the metropolitan area.

The head of the Ministry of Health expressed solidarity with the young people who want to get back to normal life and are increasingly gathering large companies, but urged them to be more careful. The decree he signed implies free PCR test for coronavirus, even without symptoms.

Currently, 80% of the test results are announced within 36 hours.

Since the beginning of the epidemic in France, the number of cases of infection has exceeded 180 thousand. 30,192 patients have died in the country since early March.

In mid-July, at the celebration of the Day of the Bastille in Paris, French Minister of Industry Agn├Ęs Pannier-Runacher forgot her mask in the car and panicked for the vehicle. Compliance with the mask was a must for all visitors to the celebration.