France protests against coronavirus restrictions

Citizens in France went to the streets to protest against the country’s coronavirus restrictions.

Protesters from various French cities shouted slogans about freedom and equality and displayed posters with a crossed out image of the country’s president Emmanuel Macron, reports BFMTV.

The protesters are accompanied by law enforcement officers. There is no information about detentions. The number of protesters is also unknown.

Large-scale protests are taking place in France after the decision of the authorities to introduce new sanitary measures to avoid the threat of a rapid spread of coronavirus infection. According to the French Interior Ministry, on July 17 protests against the introduction of compulsory sanitary passes gathered 114 thousand people in the country.

There is also a video from the scene of the protests, in which the protesters are burning a giant QR code, appeared in the Internet.

Earlier, on July 12, Macron announced that the country was introducing new restrictive measures. Since the beginning of August citizens will need a health pass to access restaurants, bars, shopping malls, as well as planes and long-distance trains.

The document must indicate that the person has been vaccinated or has received a negative test for COVID-19.