France will study the ability of dogs to detect coronavirus by smell

Cynologists and veterinarians in Corsica have begun to examine whether it is possible for dogs of service breeds to determine by smell if a person has been infected with coronavirus. This was reported by the publication of Figaro on Saturday, May 2.

The project is led by Professor Dominique Grangian of the French national school of veterinary medicine. Since Friday, eight dogs are participating in the experiment, six of which are raspberries, a Belgian shepherd dog.

The organizers of the scientific work want to determine if there is a special smell coming from infected people. If a smell is present, you can teach dogs to detect those who are ill, commented chief experienced veterinarian and film advisor to the fire and rescue service Cors-du-Sud Aymeric Bernard.

At the end of April it became known that the inhabitants of France will be able to move around the country more freely, from 11 May special permits for movement will be canceled. Also from May 11, shops and kindergartens will start working again, but with restrictions on the number of pupils.