French are warned of winter shoe shortages due to COVID-19

The French may not have enough winter shoes on store shelves because of interruptions in the supply of materials for their manufacture against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic. Such a warning was given by local business owners, reports Wednesday, September 3, BFMTV.

It is noted that French children may face the shortage of seasonal shoes for the winter period in the first place. Thus, the store manager of children’s shoes Chupi Boots Philippe Shelley said that his store window is only two thirds full. Moreover, it is only stock, and there is no new winter shoes to replace the summer one.

He specified that the coronavirus caused interruptions in supplies of soles, glue and leather for shoes. These materials are now shipped in limited quantities, regardless of the supplying country.

“Our manufacturers are struggling to get the materials ordered for shoes,” Shelley said, noting that production in France has been up for two months and it is difficult to compensate.

For his part, Robert Trinel, a member of the Federation of Shoe Suppliers in France, said that winter shoes may not be enough for the country’s adult population as well. According to him, today the overall delay in supplies is about 30%. 20 percent of the winter shoes for men are delayed on their way to the store shelves, while for women supplies are 30 percent behind, he added.