French Foreign Ministry calls Polish CC decision on superiority over EU laws an attack

Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of France Clément Bon called the statement of the Constitutional Court of Poland about its superiority over the EU laws an attack against the European Union. Bon said this on October 8 on the air of BFMTV.

“This is very serious. This is not a technical or legal issue at all. It is a political issue, which is on a long list of provocations against the European Union,” Bohn said on BFMTV

He explained this by the fact that there is a risk of Poland’s exit from the EU. However, he added that he would not want Poland to leave the association, although he does not rule out the possibility of such a situation.

Bon suggested that the European Union could stop giving financial aid to Poles, necessary for recovery of the country’s economy.

On October 7, the European Commission promised to protect the priority of EU norms. European Commissioner for Justice and the Rule of Law Didier Reynders stated that the EC uses all available tools to protect the priority of European norms over national laws of the EU member-states.

According to Reynders, the European Commission is concerned about the decision of the Constitutional Court of Poland. To this end, all instruments available to the EC are used to protect the priority of European norms, which underlie the system of the rule of law in the European Union.

Reynders stressed that the norms of the Polish constitution take precedence over those of the European Union.