Fridays for Future activists held a global digital first strike

Tens of thousands of Germans also participated in the global action of environmental activists Fridays for Future. The activists stressed that one should not forget about the climate crisis against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic.

Tens of thousands of people in Germany took part in the first global digital strike on Friday, April 24, organized by activists of the environmental movement Fridays for Future. Due to restrictions caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the fifth global strike was held online. An hour-long online demonstration was broadcast live on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, which the organizers called the largest such event to date.

Up to 20,000 viewers in Germany alone followed the performances of environmental activists from musicians, actors, writers and scientists on YouTube. Speakers stressed the inadmissibility of oblivion of climate problems in the context of the pandemic. The German online demonstration was moderated from the lawn in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin. Here, about 10,000 banners and banners were displayed, which the demonstrators usually carry.

In other cities in Germany, including Cologne, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Munich, Stuttgart and Dresden, small public events were held with the slogans: “Our reaction to COVID-19 must be lasting and socially fair!” and “No money for fossil fuels!”. Participants stressed that the multibillion-dollar loans currently allocated to support the economy should lead to its true transformation.