Fumio Kishida elected as Chairman of Japan’s ruling party

Former Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida has been elected head of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party and will become Japan’s new prime minister. This is reported by The Nikkei on Wednesday, September 29.

It was possible to elect a new chairman only in the second round. Thus, Kishida won 257 out of 427 votes. His opponent, former Foreign Minister and Defense Minister Taro Kono received 170 votes.

Thus, Kishida is now the new leader of the LDP, after which he will become the 100th Prime Minister of Japan.

The newspaper adds that Kishida won the election by a preponderance of votes from LDP parliamentary deputies. But Kono had broader support among ordinary party members in the regions.

In the first round, Kishida won by a one-vote margin with 256 votes in favor. Kono, for his part, received 255 ballots.

At the same time, four candidates competed in the first round for the post of LDP leader: Fumio Kishida, Taro Kono, former Minister of National Affairs Sanae Takaichi and Deputy Secretary General of the party Seiko Noda.