Galaxy S21 will get stylus support like Galaxy Note

Another rumor about the Galaxy S21 has shed light on one of the key features of the novelty. In particular, a well-known insider said with full confidence that the flagship will receive the support of the stylus S Pen.

Important to say here: It only supports it! It does not have a separate shaft for it!

I can imagine that there will be a case similar to the Tab S7 devices that holds the S-Pen on the rear ✍

– Max Jambor (@MaxJmb) November 12, 2020

Another source corrected it by specifying that the digital pen will indeed appear, but it will not fit the body like the Galaxy Note devices. The accessory will be purchased separately and can probably be attached to the outer surface of the gadget or special case with magnets.

SlashGear journalists believe that this innovation will be a prerequisite for closing the Galaxy Note series, which has been lost against the background of the Galaxy S models for the past few years. The differences between the key lines of the flagships are less and less, so it is no longer advisable to produce them in parallel.

Replace Note can be a ruler of folding devices Galaxy Z Fold. Indirectly it is confirmed by rumors that the model of the third generation should receive support of a completely new stylus. With it Z Fold3 can advance as the flagman decision for creativity and work.

Earlier it became known that the Galaxy S21 can come with complete wireless headphones.