” Gazprom” appealed the decision of the Arbitration Court in dispute with Polish PGNiG

Gazprom challenged in the Appeal Court the decision of the Stockholm Arbitration Court on pricing terms for gas supplied to Poland via the Yamal-Europe pipeline. This was reported on Tuesday, June 2, in the press service of the Polish company PGNiG.

“The Board of PGNiG reports that June 2, 2020, accepted the information about the filing by the defendant (“Gazprom”) in the Court of Appeal in Stockholm appeal for the annulment of the decision of March 30, 2020 in arbitration proceedings for the claim of PGNiG against “Gazprom” to reduce the contract price for gas supplied by “Gazprom,” – the message says.

At the same time, PGNiG noted that the filing of a complaint by Gazprom will not affect the implementation of the Stockholm arbitration.

The long-term Russian-Polish agreement on gas transit from Russia to the West through the Polish section of the Yamal-Europe pipeline expired on May 17. Further on, the pipe capacity is distributed at auctions of various terms, from a year to several hours.

The Yamal agreement provided for the supply of up to 10 billion cubic meters of Russian gas per year to Poland. Besides, 30 billion cubic meters of Russian gas were transit to Germany.

In April, Deputy Minister of State Assets of Poland Janusz Kowalski said that the country plans to completely abandon Russian gas.

In addition, he assured that Warsaw would seek the seizure of assets of “Nord Stream – 2” if “Gazprom” refused to pay the Polish oil and gas concern PGNiG $1.43 billion under the decision of the Stockholm arbitration, which ruled that Poland overpaid for Russian gas.