GazpromNeft opens its first solar-powered filling station

Solar power plant with capacity of 5 kW during the day is used as the main source of electricity, the press service of the company. It can meet up to 5% of operational needs of the filling station per year.

The power system consists of 16 solar modules made in Russia. The equipment is adapted to the climatic peculiarities of the region, said Alexander Krylov, Regional Sales Director of Gazprom Neft.

“The use of “green” energy technologies makes it possible to reduce the load on city networks. This, in turn, reduces the environmental impact of power generation. In addition, taking into account the operational life of solar panels, the economic effect of their implementation can reach up to 7 million rubles per filling station,” said the top manager.

“Gazprom Neft has also digitized its filling stations.
It should be noted that earlier Gazprom Neft had connected all its filling stations to Russia’s first digital system for continuous monitoring of the quality and quantity of petroleum products.

The Neftecontrol – Gazprom Neft system was developed by company specialists based on Russian components and software products. The network of sensors mounted at the refineries’ units, shipping terminals, tank farms of oil depots, refueling complexes, dispensers collects and transmits information online.

It allows identifying and predicting the sources of possible deviations. As a result, the system has doubled the reliability of accounting and reduced losses in terms of product quality and quantity.