Gemini Horoscope 2021 ♊

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Horoscope 2021 for representatives of Gemini zodiac sign is full of unexpected turns, many of which you can not prepare. In fact, it is more of an advantage. Gemini is a sign of the air element, which in this cycle will take a neutral position. This means that circumstances will not push you to make any decisions. You will have enough time to choose any of the potential directions. Of course, there is a risk of not being able to make it, or vice versa, of hurrying. Fortunately, Mercury, the manager of your sign, according to the astrological situation, will completely suppress the negative energy of the moon (the main antagonist in 2021). As a result, you are unlikely to have problems with control over your emotions, but it is still better to make a choice guided by your mind, not your heart. Always think before you take a step, even if the consequences seem obvious. In fact, a lot of things now will not be as they seem. This will teach you adaptability, caution, and will certainly open up new horizons.

The beginning of 2021, up to the second decade of April inclusive, will be quite confusing, so it is better not to plan anything particularly important. If you have already planned (a wedding or a modernization of production), do not cancel anything, just be three times more careful and be sure to use the help that you will be offered. From a business point of view, this is an ideal time to take everything into your own hands and start acting uncompromisingly. Just reinforce each of your decisions, or even to a riot not far away. In this period, a bright charisma will be more important than personal qualities and the correctness of decisions. This can be used for the benefit of ambitious Gemini, who have long been waiting for the right chance. If you do not have your own business yet, do not rush to change. Let them happen around, but you are not affected. Show firmness, especially in the forced dialogue, and then you will not be able to get out of balance either circumstances or envious. And also – do not try to prove something to anyone except yourself. The strength of mind and the will to win will be more useful than a pathos game to the public.

The period from mid-spring to mid-summer 2021 will again provide a choice of zodiac sign Gemini. Stars predict that in the foreground should come material achievements. It’s not just about making money, but also about self-realization. Whether it’s sports competitions or creativity, success will smile everywhere, if you prepare in advance. The risk will lead to failure, and if you do not use the time that you will be given circumstances, then be sure to make a mistake in something simple and banal. So take your time and listen to your elders. This period is atypical for your sign that you will do a lot of things through, say, second hands. If you are busy in your personal business, it will not surprise you. It will be more difficult from the point of view of personal relationships, because here no solution will give a momentary result. You will have to restrain yourself and spend a little more time waiting than you are used to. Restlessness will certainly ruin all plans (and not only yours), so think twice, making each decision.

The middle of July 2021 will be for Gemini in many ways a turning point. From the second decade of the second summer month to the beginning of October, you will be at peace (as much as possible for such a bright and emotional sign). At last, you will be able to let your emotions go. But beware – you will not be the only one who can get stale trumps out of the sleeve. This period will definitely be interesting for entrepreneurs. Sharp and short competitive struggle will allow to move quickly to the best positions. This is not a bad time to think about your business or about some global changes within your family. If you decide to take a desperate step, let yourself do it. There will be no better moment in the whole year cycle. The consequences, again, will not be calculated to the fullest extent. Just do not fill your head with extra reflections. Work with what is, not with what can be. The stars give you absolute freedom of action – so use it for yourself, without any altruism.

The final period of 2021 (October to December plus January 2022) will return the representatives of the zodiac sign Gemini to the whirlpool of barely controlled events. It is quite possible that at this time you are waiting for a fateful meeting, and not even one. The impact of the moon will still break through the protective barrier of Mercury, and you risk going in the wrong direction. You can’t say that you won’t be satisfied with the consequences. But don’t forget – everything can be different, and you shouldn’t change the decision on the move. Keep your family and your confidence in your safety as your priority. Such a decision will be in line with the paradigm of the Bull, the patron of the year 2021, and will bring not the clouds, but stable benefits. At the end of the year it makes sense to pay increased attention to your own health and well-being of others. The final of many events can surprise you. Try not to react too fast. You are not alone in your views, and someone may have a more thoughtful decision. In any case, you, dear Gemini, one way or another, in 2021 you will achieve the desired.