Geneticists found out how to grow amputated limbs

The human body has reserves for regeneration, but they need to be activated. This conclusion was made by scientists after several studies on the subject. We know of cases when children’s tips of amputated fingers grew again, and adults grew new tissue in the joints of their feet.

Some fish and amphibians have regeneration, but in mammals this biological mechanism has been “turned off” at the gene level. Scientists believe that nothing prevents us from activating it with modern scientific advances.

Experiments on rodents have shown that if specific growth genes are stimulated, under normal conditions active only in embryonic development, it is possible to restore damaged tissues of adults. In this way, the scientists were able to start the process of regeneration of the severed fingertips, as well as the ears of mice.

Scientists are sure that the same can be done for the human body. In particular, it is possible to stimulate not only the growth of amputated limbs, but also the regeneration of joint cartilage. Our body already has everything necessary for such regeneration, judging by the recorded rare cases. In the future, there will be methods for cartilage regeneration based on injections of special microRNAs that stimulate regeneration.