German Bundestag rejects the idea of compensation to Kiev for the termination of gas transit

Germany should not pay compensation to Kiev if Ukraine stops being a transit country for Russian gas. The head of the Bundestag committee for economics and energy, Klaus Ernst, told Izvestiya.

“In my opinion, Germany’s compensation payments to Ukraine are out of the question, they cannot be expected from German taxpayers. It is absolutely unacceptable that Germany aligns its energy policy with the interests of Ukraine. If it needs money, then it should turn to such international donors as the European Union,” Klaus Ernst, head of the Bundestag Committee on Economy and Energy, told Izvestia.

Earlier, July 9, the German weekly Der Spiegel called the options for resolving the dispute between Germany and the U.S. over the “Nord Stream – 2.” According to the newspaper, the disagreement could be resolved by paying compensation to Ukraine if it ceases to be a transit country.

“There is also talk about a possible promise from the German side to invest billions to repair Ukraine’s absolutely worn-out gas transport network,” the weekly said.