German car company created an electric car on the “LEGO principle”

The German company Electric Brands has developed an electric car, which allows customers to “switch” the design of the car on their own, as if the designer Lego. eBussy can be presented immediately in 10 different body configurations: convertible, wagon, pickup or van, tour bus or even off-road vehicle for rough terrain.

eBussy has digital exterior mirrors, an application-controlled communication system and a “flexible” steering wheel that can be moved to the left or right side depending on the driver’s request.

The car’s small battery has a full charge of 200 kilometers of power, but an increased capacity can be ordered separately, giving it a power reserve of up to 600 kilometers. Charging time is around 3 hours.

“The car was designed in accordance with the principle of Lego,” says the website of Electric Brands. “Depending on the chassis version, you can quickly and easily adapt your eBussy to your needs. You don’t need any special tools, you don’t have to work at NASA, just sometimes you need a little help to remove the module and put another one in.

eBussy also offers two types of chassis: one for driving on the road, and the other for rough terrain. Each of them can go with any type of bodywork.

The “bus” option is ideal for traveling on the road for a few people, the “box” option is perfect for small transports, the “pickup” option is perfect for open transports, and the “camper” option is for those who go on a long journey and need a fridge, stove and TV.

Each of these configurations has its own price, but the creators argue that even after the purchase of any of the modular designs consumers “do not get stuck with it forever and can change it themselves. This means that some body parts can then be purchased separately by customers.

Prices for the simplest eBussy package will start at €15,800, while the most expensive “camper” model will cost around €28,900.