German chancellor candidate supported Nord Stream 2

Armin Lachet, candidate for Chancellor of Germany from the bloc of the Christian Democratic and Christian-Social Unions, expressed his support for the commissioning of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

On air of the TV channel ARD, the politician positively responded to a question about whether the project should be put into operation. At the same time, he stressed the need for “geopolitical guarantees” that the pipeline will not have a negative impact on Ukraine.

“If Russia questions this, the project will be stopped immediately,” he added in a debate with the other candidates. The broadcast was on Tagesschau News Service’s Youtube channel.

Earlier in the day, Annalena Berbock, candidate for Chancellor of Germany’s Union 90/Greens party, said that Russia is currently “reluctant” to supply gas to Europe in order to increase political pressure and to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline faster.

For his part, Stefan Kotre, a member of the Bundestag energy committee from the Alternative for Germany party, stated that it is the German government, and not Russia, that is using the gas issue as a political weapon. According to him, if the German authorities had actively opposed the sanctioning policy of the U.S. against NSP2, as well as the “subordination” of the pipeline to the EU gas market directive, the country would have had a more reliable gas supply.
Also on Thursday, Hamburg Landtag deputy and Bundestag candidate Olga Petersen pointed out in a conversation that Germany’s high gas prices are a result of its “green” policy, so the launch of NSP2 is necessary.

On September 20, Amos Hochstein, Senior Adviser for Energy Security at the US Department of State, said in a conversation with Bloomberg that in order to provide Europe with gas for the coming winter, Russia should increase its transit through Ukraine as soon as possible.

In addition, the State Department spokesman expressed concern that Gazprom refused to book additional volumes of gas transit through Ukrainian territory for October. He saw in this step Russia’s aspiration to finish the construction of Nord Stream-2 as soon as possible.