German hairdresser sold his first haircut for €422

Barber Andreas Nuysl from the German city of Bayreuth, which is part of Bavaria, posted a paid service on the eBay platform involving the first appointment for a haircut after quarantine. He announced this on his Facebook page on Sunday, February 21.

Nuysl’s offer was estimated at €288. However, from February 12 until February 20, inclusive, the price went up to €422.

The owner of the first appointment with the German hairdresser was a 43-year-old man.

Hairdressing, SPA and beauty salons have been closed in Germany since December 16 as part of the quarantine introduced because of the spread of coronavirus. Establishments will resume their work on March 1.

In addition, they have managed to collect another €1310 donations to the main sum of €422. It is reported that the proceeds will go to help children through one of the charitable organizations.