German politician accused former Chancellor Schroeder of wanting to “smooth out” the situation with Navalny

Chairman of the Bundestag Foreign Policy Committee Norbert Röttgen on Thursday, October 8, accused former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder of wanting to “smooth out” the situation with Navalny. Röttgen told the German tabloid Bild.

According to Röttgen, Schröder, who receives money for his work for the Russian oil and gas business, is involved in “hiding responsibility” in the case of Navalny. He noted that the Russian politician intended to kill with a warfare agent, and many Germans were ashamed of Schroeder’s behavior.

“Putin’s errand boy”.

Earlier, the former chancellor said that Russia should clarify the situation with the poison attack on Navalny, but this does not give the opposition the right to make unconfirmed accusations.

Alexey Navalny called in an interview with the Bild Schroeder newspaper “an errand boy at Putin’s” and stated that he receives secret payments from Putin, while admitting that he has no proof of this. Schroeder intends to sue the newspaper for distributing the charges without requesting a comment from Schroeder himself.

Norbert Rettgen also noted that sanctions should be imposed against the entourage of Russian President Vladimir Putin, namely those directly responsible for this crime.