German prosecutors called a series of accidents on the Berlin highway a terrorist attack

The German prosecutor’s office said that several accidents, which paralyzed traffic on the Berlin highway on Tuesday night, were caused by one of the perpetrators of a possible terrorist attack. The Independent newspaper reported this with reference to the German prosecutor’s office on Wednesday, August 19.

The newspaper notes that the day before a motorist hit several cars on a section of the Berlin highway, wounding six people, three of them seriously injured. Berlin radio station RBB24 specifies that the accident occurred on the A-100 highway near the administrative district of Neukeln.

It is noted that the accident initiator claimed he had taken a box of ammunition with him. However, the forensic experts did not find anything suspicious in the box and the tools were there.

Police told the radio station that the accident was caused by a native of Iraq, who is 30 years old. Investigators do not rule out political or religious motives, as well as the mental illness of the suspect. The police have detained him.

A series of accidents resulted in the complete closure of one of Berlin’s main transport arteries, which lasted until Wednesday. The incident led to hours of traffic on the evening of August 18. About 300 people got stuck on the highway that day.

Earlier on July 26, the car entered a crowd in Berlin, affecting at least seven people. An emergency occurred on the road in the Charlottenburg district near Hardenbergplatz.

The police then detained the suspect. It was noted that so far there is no evidence that the driver was acting for political or religious reasons.