Germans predicted a growth in divorce rates amid the coronavirus

Relationships in some families may deteriorate under the conditions of the pandemic and the severe restrictions associated with it, said Peter Walschburger, Professor of Biopsychology at the Free University of Berlin.

“The whole society is under pressure so that people in family relationships are particularly stressed. There will be more couples who have had conflicting relationships before and who will no longer be able to stay together and break up,” Walschburger said in an interview.

At the same time, he said, there are couples whose relations will only strengthen in the conditions of the pandemic. Such partners are aware that they really depend on each other.

Earlier that day it became known that medical psychologists in Moscow launched a service of psychological assistance for people who feel psychological discomfort because of the need to maintain a regime of self-isolation in the conditions of coronavirus pandemics.

Worrying news in the world, recommendations of self-isolation, limited space have a negative impact on the psyche. As a result, a person shows irritability, fear, anxiety, frequent change of mood, negative reactions to loved ones. According to specialists, in psychological terms, self-isolation can also be difficult for children, so parents have a task to competently organize the free time of schoolchildren.