Germanwings to pay €1.6 million to relatives of victims of the 2015 disaster

Arbitration Court of Barcelona ordered Germanwings to pay compensation in the total amount of almost € 1.6 million to some relatives of the victims of the plane crash that occurred in 2015. This was reported on Monday, June 8, by the agency Europa Press.

It is stated that 13 family members of the five victims of the tragedy filed a lawsuit. They will be granted compensation in the amount of €22.1 thousand to €389.4 thousand. The trial began in 2017, while the meeting was held in November 2019. The Agency notes that “exceptional circumstances” of the disaster were taken into account.

The plane of Germanwings crashed in the south-east of France in March 2015. All the passengers and crew on board – 150 people – were killed. Recordings from the discovered “black boxes” indicate that the crash was the result of deliberate actions of the co-pilot – Andreas Lubitz. Locked in the cockpit, he pointed the liner up the mountain.

The investigation report says that Lubitz should have gone to a psychiatric hospital two weeks before the crash. As early as December 2014, he had symptoms of mental illness and had seen doctors on several occasions. However, the doctors did not pay due attention to this and did not even report these symptoms to the aviation authorities.