Germany may grant compensation to Ukraine over Nord Stream 2

The existing disagreements between Germany and Ukraine regarding Nord Stream-2 may be settled by compensating Kyiv in case it loses its role as a country through which gas passes, Der Spiegel magazine writes.

Among other things, Berlin is discussing the option of offering Kyiv cooperation in hydrogen production. In addition, a possible German promise to allocate billions to repair the “completely destroyed” Ukrainian gas network is under consideration,” the publication said.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskiy intends to raise the subject of the gas pipeline during his visit to Germany on July 11. In turn, Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet with new U.S. President Joe Biden next week and is scheduled to discuss, among other things, the “particularly tense issue” of relations with Russia. The chancellor is of the opinion that North Stream 2 must be completed.

On Friday, Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal confirmed that Kyiv will continue to fight against the commissioning of the pipeline and, even if it does not achieve its goal, the European Union allegedly may significantly limit the use of the gas pipeline.