Ghost boat washed ashore in Australia

A “mysterious” ghost boat was thrown ashore in Australia. It was reported by police of the state of Victoria on the page in Facebook on April 27.

The boat was found in Waratah Bay. Police said the “very strange” watercraft was covered in barnacles.

It later emerged that the boat was a Saildrone research drone, one of three launched by a California company in 2019 in New Zealand to conduct scientific research in the Southern Hemisphere.

The ship’s signal was lost in late 2019. Specialists thought it had collided with an iceberg near South America. But it turned out that the drone drifted for 18 months until it washed up on the Australian coast.

It is noted that Saildrone drones weigh 450 kg and are 7 m long.

In July last year it was reported that the international organization Global Fishing Watch has accused China of that North Korean boats with dead fishermen are brought to the coast of Japan. The appearance of such “ghost ships” off the coast of Japan has been observed for many years.