Gigi Hadid spoke frankly about her fears about motherhood

The 26-year-old supermodel graced the cover of the August issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine and shared the details of her first pregnancy in an interview. Ten months ago, Gigi Hadid gave birth to a daughter by her boyfriend Zayn Malik. The baby girl was named Khai.

“I had two diaries during my pregnancy: one I called ‘good’ and the other I called ‘bad.’ They weren’t literally like that, one was more for memories, one was for Khai. “Maybe someday I’ll show her the ‘bad’ diary as well, just to stay honest,” the star revealed.

Hadid added that she wrote down negative thoughts when she felt anxious or wondered if she was good enough for motherhood. The model also sketches watercolors in sketchbooks and sometimes uses it as a notebook, and in some cases she may record her feelings on checks.

Gigi also talked about how Malik gradually became part of her family. The performer was cautious at first, but later figured out how things worked in the Hadid family.

“At first he was like, “How can I put my five cents in?” But now he’s very comfortable. He’s free to say what he thinks. When he finds himself in the middle of a family squabble and is asked whose side he’s on, he’s adorable. He usually supports my mother. So in that sense he’s smart,” the model shared.