Gino Silva died

Actor Geno Silva, famous for his role as Skull in the film by Brian de Palma “Scarface”, died. He was 72 years old.

Silva died May 9 at his home in Los Angeles, writes The Hollywood Reporter with reference to his family. He suffered from frontal and hanging degeneration and died from complications. His family – a widow, daughter, grandchildren and sister – promised to contribute to the fight against the disease in his memory.

Silva was born in New Mexico in 1948. He starred in movies since 1974, played, among others, in films such as “Mulholland Dr”, “Tequila Sunrise” and others, as well as the series “Cool Walker”, “Key West” and “Star Trek: The Enterprise.” He was also active in the theatre, including on Broadway.

Skull is the killer of the main character in Scarface. His real name and biography are unknown, he does not say a word on the screen, but, despite this, fell in seventh place in the ranking of the most memorable villains.