Google Camera was taught to accurately capture all skin tones and recognize hair

During the Google I/O press conference, the search giant revealed the changes that are being created for the Google Camera app. The popular app will allow darker skin tones to be displayed more accurately.

Google assembled a whole group of industry experts to make Google Camera a more accurate and versatile camera. During development, photography experts took thousands of pictures, which were used to improve Google Camera’s algorithms. A great deal of attention was also paid to the accuracy of the automatic white balance and autoexposure systems.

As a Google spokesperson put it, the goal was to create a “color guide. In the end, the developers were able to reduce diffuse light and highlight more natural brown tones, thereby preventing excessive brightening and discoloration of darker skin tones.

Google is also working on its algorithm to display curly and wavy hair more accurately. Google Camera will be able to more accurately capture any person’s hair, including their shadows.

These and other changes will appear initially on Pixel smartphones this fall. However, Google promises to release these features for other smartphones as well