Google Duplex AI appeared in Spain

This service interacts with organizations over the phone and allows you to book, clarify information, carry out other activities. Google Duplex is linked to Google Assistant.

The service allows you to automate a whole range of user tasks that are solved by phone. Thus, Google Duplex can book a table at a restaurant or make an appointment with a doctor.

Since May, the artificial intelligence began to function also in Spain, and its interface in Spanish. At this stage, residents of the kingdom can only use a function that helps to find out what changes are taking place in the work of institutions against the background of the gradual abolition of restrictive measures.

Thus, until the quarantine has been completely abolished, many institutions are part-time and some are still closed. To find relevant information, the population has to not only visit the sites of the institutions, but also call them. And now the Spanish Google Duplex will help in these tasks. The service will call to find out if the institution is working and what its updated schedule is.

Despite the fact that so far the functionality of the service in Spain is limited, in the future, according to experts, its capabilities will be greatly expanded