Google introduced Android 12L – OS for foldable devices and tablets

Google has announced a special version of the operating system Android 12, which has a letter “L” in the name. It is designed for foldable devices, tablets and Chrome OS – that is, devices with large displays.

It differs from the basic version of the system in a number of interface features. Here are some of them:

  • A two-column layout for the lock screen, where the time is displayed on the left and notifications will be displayed on the right.
  • The quick settings curtain is now also represented by two columns, with quick settings and all notifications side by side.
  • In settings, menu items will now be displayed on the left and open in the window on the right (already implemented on some tablets a long time ago).
  • In multitasking mode, the last application will be displayed in full screen mode, while the others will be quarter-sized
  • In split-screen mode, you will be able to launch any application by dragging it from the new taskbar and resizing it with the divider.

Google also says that Android 12L has optimized all system apps. They will look better on larger screens and become noticeably more comfortable in horizontal orientation.

The official release of Android 12L is scheduled for early next year, and the first beta version for developers should appear in December. It will be possible to test it on a Lenovo P12 Pro tablet with a 12.6-inch OLED display and Snapdragon 870 processor.