Great Britain will transfer military equipment to Germany in case of “war with Russia”

Britain intends to send to Germany some military equipment in case of a possible war with Russia. This was reported by the newspaper The Times on Friday, November 26, with reference to the commander of the Ground Forces, Lieutenant General Ralph Wooddiss.

It is pointed out that the United Kingdom plans to establish three new military bases – Kenya, Oman and FRG – as part of a major army transformation.

“I’m putting a particular emphasis on Germany, where we will move a significant number of our armored vehicles so that we can move faster if we need them somewhere on the land part of the continent,” he said.

The story stresses that the new units will receive Boxer armored personnel carriers, improved versions of Challenger 3 tanks, tracked Ajax fighting vehicles, as well as drones, artillery and mine-clearing equipment. In addition, The Times wrote that the 250-strong brigade will be deployed closer to Eastern Europe “in case of war with Russia.

On November 13, the British media reported that London was ready to send up to 600 servicemen to Ukraine in case of Russia’s “invasion”. The decision allegedly came after senior British military officials and MI6 chief Richard Moore told the government that there was a “clear and present danger” to Ukraine and the West.

In recent days, a number of Western media outlets have claimed an allegedly possible Russian invasion. In particular, on November 20, CBS News television channel, citing sources, assured that such a threat was allegedly growing as the cold weather approached.

The head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s intelligence department, Kyrylo Budanov, also spoke about such plans of Russia. Ukrainian political analyst Mykhaylo Pohrebynskyy described Budanov’s words as a fake or a political game. According to the expert, the task of such a statement is to set the Ukrainians and European partners in NATO in the right way.

He expressed hope that Ukraine’s top leaders “will not decide on something serious that could light the fire of World War III,” because everyone understands the unacceptability of such a thing.