Greece announces COVID-19 vaccination with tuberculosis vaccine

Vaccination of the population against coronavirus by the drug against tuberculosis will start in Greece on June 1. This was reported in the local media on May 27.

The use of BCG vaccine has been approved by the National Agency on Medicines (EOF). Attikon University Hospital in Athens will conduct vaccination. Similar programmes are being implemented in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands, neakriti notes.

The efficacy of the drug has been proven in a study that was conducted over the past three years. Scientists have found that people who were vaccinated with BCG, the risk of respiratory infection is 80% lower.

Specialists believe that the drug will protect citizens at risk for coronavirus.

“When there is no special vaccine, it is possible to develop collective immunity with vaccines that provide general protection, such as TB,” said Evangelos Yamarellos, Professor of Pathology and Infection at the Kapodistrian National University of Athens.

At the moment more than 100 vaccines against new coronavirus infection are being developed in the world, 10 of them are under clinical research – in the USA, China, UK and Germany.