Greta Thunberg won the €1 million prize for humanism

Swedish ecoactivist Greta Thunberg has received the €1 million prize for humanism from the Portuguese charitable foundation Galouste Gulbenkian. The 17-year-old laureate told about it on her Twitter page.

According to Thunberg, it is “an extraordinary honor” to receive such an award. The activist promised to transfer all the proceeds to environmental organizations that help people affected by the environmental crisis, “especially in the global South. She intends to transfer the money through her foundation.

The first €100,000 will be sent to the Brazilian foundation SOS Amazônia, created by the “Friday for the Future” movement to help fight the coronavirus in the Amazon forests. A similar amount will go to the Stop Ecocide Foundation, which aims to recognize the destruction of the environment as an international crime, reports the National Assembly.

The prize was established by Galust Gulbenkian, who has become one of the richest in the world due to the extensive oil production in the Middle East, which is at variance with Tunberg’s views on climate and the environment.

As Jorge Sampaio, chairman of the jury of the award, noted, the activist was awarded for “mobilizing young generations to fight climate change.

On May 14, it was reported that Greta Thunberg announced the decision to give $100,000 to UNICEF (UN Children’s Fund) to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

On April 25, the eco-activist said that she was very happy with the global economic crisis resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, as thanks to the crisis her dream had come true: carbon emissions into the atmosphere had decreased.