Hackers take the Irish Ministry of Health hostage and demand a ransom of $20 million

Hackers attacked computer systems of the Irish Ministry of Health. The criminals are demanding a ransom of $20 million and threatening to release personal data of all patients in the country.

The Financial Times newspaper shares the details of this unprecedented cybercrime.

Hackers from Eastern Europe are allegedly behind the hacking of the Irish Ministry of Health, who stole personal data of patients of Irish hospitals and are threatening to make them publicly available.

Ireland refused to pay, the attackers posted the personal data of the first 12 patients on the Web,

– writes Financial Times.

It is noted that the hack was made by the same cyber criminals who were behind the attack on the National Health Service (HSE) of Ireland, which occurred on May 14. Then a ransomware virus was launched into the agency’s system, which blocked access to HSE computers.