Haiti’s president fatally wounded in attack on residence

Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise was fatally wounded in an attack by unknown assailants on his residence. This was reported Wednesday, July 7, by local news portal Juno7, citing a statement by the country’s prime minister.

It is specified that the attack on Moiz’s residence was carried out by a group of unknown assailants on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. It is noted that some of the attackers spoke Spanish.

During the attack, the president was shot and wounded, which proved fatal.

The Haitian prime minister condemned what happened, calling the attack an odious, inhumane and barbaric act. He called for calm.

The Haitian National Police and the Haitian armed forces have taken control of the situation. The authorities are taking all necessary measures to guarantee the continuity of the state and protect the nation, the material specifies.

In October 2018, unknown assailants attempted to assassinate Moïse during his visit to the city of Pont Rouge. The country’s leader was shot as he was laying flowers at the memorial to Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the founder of the independent state of Haiti and its first ruler, named Emperor Jacques I.

Two of the head of state’s bodyguards were reportedly injured, one of them suffering a gunshot wound to the head. Moise himself was not injured and was evacuated to safety.