Hamburg Court sentenced a former concentration camp guard

Bruno D., a former guard at the Nazi concentration camp Stuthof, who is now 93 years old, was sentenced to two years of suspended imprisonment under juvenile law by the Hamburg Land Court on Thursday, July 23.

At the time of the crime, between 1944 and 1945, Bruno D. was 17 to 18 years old. The prosecution demanded three years in prison for him, considering him involved in the murder of 5,232 people and the attempted murder of another person. According to the prosecutor, knowing what was going on in the concentration camp, the young man should have refused to serve there and asked to serve in the Wehrmacht. Bruno D.’s lawyers, on the other hand, were seeking his acquittal.

In his last words, the defendant, who was brought to the hearing in a wheelchair, apologized for what he had done and said that this should never happen again. He added, however, that he had not voluntarily applied for service in the SS or the concentration camp. He was “sent there” and had no opportunity to oppose this decision, Bruno D. said.

Stuthof Concentration Camp.

The Stuthof concentration camp was located in occupied Poland near GdaƄsk. During World War II, the Nazis held more than a hundred thousand prisoners there in appalling conditions, mostly Jews. According to today’s estimates, about 65,000 people were tortured in the Stuthof camp.

The trial of Bruno D., who served as a guard at the concentration camp on the perimeter towers and did not appear to have been directly involved in the killings, began in October 2019.