Harvey Weinstein is cured of coronavirus

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, sentenced to 23 years in prison for rape and harassment, was cured of the coronavirus and his 14-day quarantine is over. This is reported by the British tabloid Daily Mail.

Weinstein was locked up at Wendy Correctional Facility in western New York after his Coronavirus test was positive on March 23.

A source close to the prisoner told the publication that he was surprised that Weinstein had managed to recover, given his poor health (heart problems, severe diabetes, high blood pressure, spine condition) and age (the producer is currently 68 years old).

According to the source, Weinstein has not been in touch during his isolation. The former Hollywood producer is known to have been suffering from fever and coughing.

In early March, Harvey Weinstein underwent heart surgery. Then he was hospitalized on March 11, a few hours after a court in New York sentenced him to 23 years in prison.