HBO Max plans to make a TV series based on the “Harry Potter” universe

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A series based on the “Harry Potter” franchise may appear on the HBO Max streaming platform. For now, discussions about its creation are at a very early stage. This was reported Monday, January 25, by The Hollywood Reporter, citing its sources.

For now, platform executives are interviewing screenwriters. The period in the life of Harry Potter, about which the series will be filmed, is still unknown, as is the cast and dates for the start of filming and the release of the film.

The platform is backed by WarnerMedia, and both companies are interested in making a new blockbuster, but before they do, they will have to coordinate their plans with “Harry Potter” creator Joan Rowling.

The terms under which the franchise could take the form of a series, determined by the deal concluded between NBCUniversal and Warner Bros. The same conditions will have to accept HBO Max.

On September 25, 2020, it became known that British actor Daniel Radcliffe may return to the role of Harry Potter in the continuation of the franchise, but only on condition of firing writer Joan Rowling. According to the artist, he would not want to work with Joan Rowling, the works of which were made eight films about the young wizard, because he is extremely unhappy with the criticism of the writer of transgender people.