Head of a think tank in Germany accused of spying for China

The head of a think tank in Germany and his wife have been accused of spying for China, the press service of the German attorney general’s office said Monday, Aug. 2.

“The Prosecutor General’s Office filed charges in the Senate of Munich’s highest state court on May 20, 2021, against German and Italian citizen Clara K. on suspicion of spying activities. The defendant is the wife of Klaus L., against whom the case was also filed on May 20,” the report said.

According to the investigation, the political analyst Klaus L. had been the head of a think tank, which dealt with international politics, since 2001. Since 2010, his wife had helped him in organizing the center. However, in the same year, according to the investigation, during a trip to Shanghai the spouses were approached by Chinese intelligence agents.

From that period until November 2019, the couple regularly provided information to China’s secret service ahead of or after state visits or international conferences, as well as on certain routine matters. However, it is specified that they received such information “through numerous high-level political contacts.

According to the General Prosecutor’s Office of Germany, China paid for the spouses to travel to relevant meetings with Chinese intelligence officials. In addition, they received an honorarium for their activities, according to the investigation.

Earlier in February, the Office of the German Attorney General charged a German citizen with espionage in favor of Russia. According to the prosecution, the suspect, Jens F., worked for a company that was engaged in the inspection and repair of electrical appliances. In particular, the company performed work on the territory of the Bundestag. As noted, the accused had access to PDF files with drawings of the territory.