Head of the UN: tragedy that the world lacks a coordinated approach to the pandemic

The United Nations Secretary-General said in an interview with the BBC that the “tragedy” is that world leaders have failed to “come together and deal with COVID-19 in a clear and coherent manner”.

António Guterres said: “Each country has its own policies; different countries have different views, different strategies, and this allowed the virus to spread”.

According to the UN Secretary General, “it is clear that we lack leadership” in the fight against the virus. Guterres called on “leading countries … to come together and work out a common strategy and then bring the whole world community together”.

The UN estimates that by the end of the year, 8 percent of the world’s population, about 500 million people, could find themselves in poverty because of the crisis caused by the virus.

Coronavirus infection continues to grow in the world. On Friday morning, according to Johns Hopkins University, more than 3.3 million confirmed cases of infection were registered in the world, over 234 thousand people died.