Heavy quarantine was introduced in a district of Catalonia

More than 209,000 people in the Segria region of the Spanish Autonomous Region of Catalonia have been placed under strict quarantine due to a sharp increase in COVID-19 diseases. This was reported on Saturday, July 4, the newspaper Pais.

“The data of recent days make us think that the incidence of disease in this region is much higher than in the rest of the country,” said Catalan Health Minister Alba Verges.

The quarantine was decided by Catalan Prime Minister Kim Torra based on epidemiological data. Control of order was entrusted to 200 members of the Catalan police force. There are 38 municipalities in the area.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus epidemic in Catalonia, 62,000 cases of coronavirus infection had been confirmed and 5,600 patients had died.

Spain officially lifted the quarantine on June 21. On the same day, the first hundred planes with foreign guests landed at Spanish airports.