“He’s under her thumb”: Meghan Markle won’t let Prince Harry reconcile with Prince William

Just a couple of days remain until Prince Harry meets Prince William in London. On July 1, the brothers will unveil a statue of their mother together on the grounds of Kensington Palace. True, it is still unclear whether Lady Di’s sons will speak separately or make a joint speech. However, many fans of the royal family and even Elizabeth II herself hope that the ceremony will bring Harry and William together.

Royal expert Hugo Vickers has a different opinion. Speaking to the Daily Express, he said that the pre-36-year-old Duke of Sussex is under the thumb of his overbearing wife. And she is doing her best to alienate her husband from his English relatives.

“I don’t know what they [Harry and William] can do under the current circumstances,” Vickers said. – Harry has to wake up to what’s going on around him. It’s a very unpleasant situation, and I don’t think this week will be the right time to sort it out. Harry is under Megan’s thumb, and until he becomes independent of her opinion, nothing will work. We must remember that the Duke of Sussex is to return to his wife in Los Angeles. If he starts putting up with his brother, she’ll bite his head off, won’t she?”

Recall that this will be the first meeting between Princes William and Harry since the funeral of their grandfather, Prince Philip, who passed away in April of this year, not having lived a couple of months before his 100th birthday. Hugh Vickers said a thaw in the brothers’ relationship is likely, but the tensions that have built up over the past few months aren’t going anywhere.