Himalayan peaks visible at more than 200 km for the first time in 30 years

With the containment and subsequent reduction of pollution in India, the peaks of the Himalayas are now visible from a distance of more than 200 kilometers. A magnificent view that it was no longer possible to admire for some thirty years, as the Parisian notes.

For the first time in decades, people in the northern Indian state of Punjab can now see the snow-covered peaks of the Himalayas from a distance of more than 200 kilometers. With most factories shut down, and nearly 1.4 billion Indians confined to their homes, pollution levels have dropped dramatically and are showing the famous mountain range in a new light.

Many people on Twitter shared pictures of this view that they hadn’t admired for many years.

The three-week confinement decreed on 25 March is due to end on Tuesday, but in view of the growing number of deaths, the chief ministers of several states have asked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to extend it. Odisha and Punjab have already extended the confinement by about two weeks. India currently has some 7,500 cases of Covid-19 contamination and 240 deaths.