Hitler’s alligator died in the Moscow Zoo

The Mississippi Alligator Saturn, allegedly loved by Adolf Hitler, died at age 84. This was reported at the Moscow Zoo.

Saturn was born in the United States around 1936. He was transferred to Berlin Zoo, from where he escaped after the bombing on November 23, 1943. British soldiers found it only in 1946 and handed it over to the USSR. For the next 74 years it was in the Moscow Zoo.
At one point, a legend became popular that in Germany, the alligator did not live in a zoo, but in Hitler’s personal collection, but there is no proof of this.

“Saturn is a whole era for us. There’s no exaggeration in that. He came after Victory – and met us on her 75th birthday. It is a great happiness that each of us could look into his eyes, just to be quiet. He saw many of us as children. We hope we didn’t disappoint him,” the zoo said.

The zoo explained that they tried to look after the “venerable alligator” with care and caution. He was legible in his food, he remembered trusted keepers, liked to massage with a brush, and if he didn’t like something, he could chew through steel feed grabbers and concrete decorations.

The memory of Saturn will be immortalized in the Darwin Museum.