Homeless man snuck into Eminem’s house and promised to kill a rapper

A homeless man broke into the house of rapper Eminem in Clinton Town Bearing, Michigan, and threatened to kill him, reports the Detroit Free Press.

The incident took place back in April, but only now is known about it – after the preliminary hearing in the case of Matthew David Hughes, accused of illegal intrusion into the house and damage to property. A police officer who came to call the musician’s house testified in court.

Eminem told the policeman that on April 5 he woke up at his home and saw an unknown man who he had first mistook for his nephew. Reper asked the man what he was doing here, to which he replied that he had come to kill him. After these words, the musician was not afraid, escorted the homeless man out and, after walking him through several rooms, handed him over to the guards.

The police came to the call and caught a fight between the intruder and Eminem’s guard. No weapons were found on Hughes. As it turned out later, he got into the mansion by breaking the window with bricks. The intruder was detained and assigned a bail in the amount of $50,000, which he could not pay.

The lawyer appointed to Hughes by the court believes that his client may suffer from mental illness. The next court hearing will be held on September 28.