House cleaning: 10 life hacks that you should know

Why put coal in the fridge, why paper towels are more efficient than rags and how to save on detergents – gathered the best ideas for quick and effective cleaning of the house.

Cleaning is not the most pleasant thing to do. You can spend the whole day, or even the whole weekend, on it. To make cleaning easier for you and to make it easier for you, we have collected some useful seashells: it is no longer a problem to remove plaque and get rid of dust.

1. Reasonable choice
Change the rag, which you wipe with dust, to a pack of paper towels. This is more hygienic and much more effective: you do not have to wash the rag before each cleaning.

2. Economical approach
With the help of apple vinegar fluid you can wipe away the fat from the kitchen appliances, wash the hob and tiles in the bathroom. Vinegar will also help to remove cat fur – for this, add a little vinegar to the floor cleaning water.

3. Full order
Regular activated charcoal can be removed from unnecessary cleaning and ventilation of the fridge. It will absorb odors and the camera will be “fresh”. To make space in the fridge and make cleaning easier, keep the food in containers.

By the way, fruit and vegetables will stay fresh longer if you keep them wrapped in paper towels rather than in plastic bags.

4. The main thing is cleanliness.
Can’t you clean the burner from limescale? The solution is simple: soak the burner overnight in ammonia detergent. There will be no limescale left in the morning.

5. For the smallest ones.
Use an old toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach places – different corners, recesses, grooves in bathroom fixtures, containers and household appliances. And the detergent can be replaced with a no less effective soapy water.

6. Against Dust
Spray an antistatic spray on the screens and rear surfaces of household appliances and TVs, wiping them with a paper towel. In this way, they will settle in half the dust.

7. From a clean sheet
Paper towels can also be used to clean mirrors and glass surfaces. Are you out of cleaning agents? Do it yourself: you will need warm water and four tablespoons of soda.

8. Cleaning per hour
Vinegar can be used to remove plaque from the tap or shower head. Pour it into a bag and fix it with an elastic band to the shower head. Within an hour, the plaque will disappear without a trace.

9. As good as new
Cleaning the lampshades of dust is not an easy task. A sticky coat collection roller will help to solve the problem: it will quickly and efficiently remove dust from the shade surface. You only need to wipe the lampshades with a paper towel.

10. Minimum of effort
Use the time to your advantage: in the morning pour the cleaning liquid into the toilet, and in the evening walk around the walls with a ruffle. You can also do the same with laundry – put the machine on and turn on the delayed mode at night.