How much did it cost to treat Trump from Coronavirus

The amount spent on treatment of U.S. President Donald Trump for coronavirus exceeds $100,000, the New York Times reported on Wednesday, October 7.

The newspaper reminds that the American leader arrived at the hospital and flew away by helicopter. According to the newspaper, he passed a large number of tests for coronavirus, received oxygen, steroids and experimental treatment with antibodies.

“For someone who is not president, it would cost more than $ 100 thousand in the American health care system,” the material says.

The publication notes, in particular, that a flight to and from the hospital could cost $40,000.

Trump checked out of the hospital on Monday after three days of hospitalization with coronavirus. Doctors said on Wednesday that Trump no longer had symptoms of coronavirus, but did not release the president’s vital signs as they had done before during his treatment.

Earlier it was reported that Trump announced that he had given an urgent order to provide hospitals with a coronavirus cure, which he himself had treated. According to the American leader, every American should receive the same treatment for COVID-19 as he himself.

The American leader reported on October 2 that he had COVID-19. On the same day, he was hospitalized with mild symptoms at the Walter Reed Military Medical Hospital. Coronavirus was confirmed with his wife Melania. On October 5, he checked out of the hospital. It was reported that Trump would continue treatment at home, at his residence.