How to erase a person’s memory with the latest technology

The brain is a very complex organ with millions of cells interacting. Scientists have not yet fully understood how the human brain works, much less memory. But one thing they have understood is that our memory is a dynamic structure, changing with our every action.

Through trauma, alcoholism, drug addiction and other factors, partial or complete memory loss can occur. In such a case, a person may lose some memories from his life or live each day from scratch, remembering absolutely nothing. To date, scientists have not yet invented a way to recover memories.

Scientists have discovered that increasing the strength with which neurons connect for memory is controlled by two molecules. If one molecule is blocked, it is possible to erase some memories, namely those associated with the appearance of synaptic connections of neurons. But a lot more research needs to be done to understand exactly which drugs can weaken or completely erase non-social memory.

It is also possible to erase memory with the anesthetic propofol. Scientists did an experiment and all the people who were to have surgery were injected with this drug. Seven days before the operation, they were shown different stories that were associated with negative emotions. Before the surgery itself, people remembered the stories and could retell them.

But after the surgery and within 24 hours of anesthesia, they were asked again about the stories they had been shown. It turned out that they barely remembered them. That is, scientists discovered that some negative memories can be erased.