How to quickly regain your strength or a few affordable ways to combat fatigue syndrome.

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Fatigue has an unpleasant habit of accumulating and transforming into the so-called “fatigue syndrome. Coffee does not work against this syndrome for some reason, and sleep does not help. What to do? We turned to the ancient and modern practices and chose the most simple, effective and uncomplicated ways. So, let’s begin.


Water is known to be the basis of all living beings, it keeps from dying of thirst and saves from hunger. However, water has another important quality – the ability to energize. It is a great way to cheer up. Our bodies contain approximately 9 trillion brain and nerve cells. All of them constantly and actively “communicate” with each other, thanks to which we think, move, experience the range of emotions and feelings, in a word, we live.

Water makes the cells work, because it generates electricity for the transmission of nerve impulses. So a glass of water is the best tonic drink that can bring the brain out of sleep, help the body to cheer up and forget about the syndrome of fatigue.

What to do: drink water throughout the day, and it is better to start from the morning. For example, according to the Ayurveda philosophy, drinking warm water with a slice of lemon in the morning on an empty stomach will create the mood for the whole day.

However, water should not only be drunk, but also poured. A simple and proven way to beat fatigue syndrome in the morning is to take a contrast shower. It is not necessary to replace the boiling water with an icy stream, the temperature difference can be small, the main thing is to achieve the result and give the body a pleasant sensation. There is another option: to plunge into an invigorating bath with cold water. Just a few minutes and fatigue will disappear.


We’re too lazy to work out in the morning and we don’t have time, especially if we overslept. But you can always find a minute for ear massage. The more that this is one of the most effective ways to cheer up. On the auricles are more than 170 biologically active points, reflexively connected with all parts and organs of the body. The massage improves blood circulation and activates the nervous system.

What to do: you can do the massage right in bed, right after waking up. To do this, first use your thumb and forefinger to knead the top of the ear, then gradually move to the lobe. It is also good to pull your ears up and to the sides. This massage is useful to do during the day, especially for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. It helps remove stagnant blood in the internal organs.


Essential oils are a miracle worker: they can soothe you when you need them and perk you up when you need them. There are hundreds of different essences, all affecting the psyche. So the main thing is to choose the right fragrance and know how to use it.

For example, citrus notes help you to cheer up best, but anise, nutmeg and patchouli contribute to success in business. Juniper activates creativity and business qualities, and rosemary, pine and peppermint will help to expel the fatigue syndrome from your life, their scents increase efficiency.

To enhance the effect, the oils can be mixed in different compositions. Do not apply them pure on your skin, as a highly concentrated plant essence can cause tissue burns. The aroma can be inhaled or mixed with cream and applied to the skin, then its effect will manifest not only at the level of smell and reaction of nerve cells, but also through the skin.

What to do: add a few drops of oil to a ready-made cream or body oil. As a base, olive, almond, peach, coconut, sesame and even grape seed oil will do. It is also possible to have aromatherapy sessions during the day: to do this, you need to put a little aromatic oil on a handkerchief and inhale.


Nutritionists believe that a balanced breakfast will help beat fatigue syndrome. British researchers have compiled a list of such foods. According to them, red apples especially excel in this: one such, eaten in the morning, promotes awakening, enriches the body with vitamins and fiber. Also on the list were nuts, chicken, fish, oatmeal and tea.

What to do: make your own menu of foods that give maximum energy.