How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

What’s important to know before transferring data from Android to iPhone

Google Play has a special app called “Move to iOS” from Apple that can be used to export existing content from any Android device to an iPhone or iPad. At the time of initial setup, a private Wi-Fi network is created on the iOS device, through which almost all of its content is copied from the smartphone or tablet to Android after entering the security code.

Transferable information includes contacts, calendars, messages, browser bookmarks, photos and videos from the gallery, as well as some free apps that are available on Android and iOS.

Minimal effort, maximum convenience. But that’s in theory; in practice, it’s a bit more complicated. That’s not to say that “Transfer to iOS” doesn’t work at all. But judging by the feedback on Google Play, many users have problems: the export process does not start, hangs, interrupts, or ends with an error. Although there are quite a few people who managed to transfer data.

The success of the process seems to depend on the brand and version of the Android smartphone – with newer devices the chances are higher. Also the amount of information influenced directly: the more categories of content selected, the longer the export process and the more likely the failure.

How to prepare for data transfer from Android to iPhone

  • Activate Wi-Fi on your Android smartphone.
  • Install the “Move to iOS” app from Google Play.
  • Make sure that the amount of exported data corresponds to the iPhone’s capacity.
  • Connect both devices to a power source.
  • To transfer your bookmarks, update Google Chrome on your Android device to the current version.

1. Run the ” Transfer data from Android” command.

  • If iPhone is already activated, open “Settings” → “Basic” → “Reset” → “Erase content and settings” and confirm data deletion.
  • Turn on your iPhone and press “Manual setup”.
  • Select the language, Wi-Fi network and follow the prompts of the setup wizard.
  • On the “Programs and data” screen, tap “Transfer data from Android”.

2. Use the “Transfer to iOS” app

  • Open the installed app on your Android device and tap “Continue.
  • Read the terms of the license agreement and accept it.

3. Enter the security code

  • On the “Find the Code” screen, click “Next.”
  • Enter the number combination that appears on your iPhone.
  • Wait until “Data Transfer” appears on your Android smartphone.
  • Choose what information you want to copy.
  • Wait for the transfer to complete on both devices.
  • When “Transfer Complete” appears on the iOS device, tap “Continue iPhone Setup”.

What to do if errors occur when transferring data from Android to iPhone

If the process is intermittent and restarting doesn’t help, try removing the SIM card from the old smartphone, disabling Bluetooth, and placing both devices closer to the router before starting. Also, if possible, try not to migrate everything at once, but select only the most important ones. For example, contacts, calendars, and messages.

If there is no way to copy the data through the app, then skip the transfer and set up the iOS gadget as a new one, then export the content manually. To synchronize contacts, mail, calendars and notes, open “Settings” → “Mail” → “Accounts”, log in to your Google account and turn on the appropriate toggle switches.

Photos and videos can be transferred in the same way through “Google Photos” or another cloud. Make sure that all files are uploaded from your Android device, and then install the app on your iPhone or iPad and sign in to your account to synchronize data.