Human remains were found in the landing gear of an airplane that flew out of Kabul

The body of an Afghan man who tried to flee the country has been found in the landing gear of a C-17 military transport plane that took off from Kabul. This was reported by the Politico newspaper.

Presumably, the deceased had tied himself to the landing gear, intending to flee the Afghan capital, where Taliban fighters had entered. According to journalists, the plane is now malfunctioning.

Earlier on Tuesday, a video was published online that was allegedly taken on board the C-17. The footage was allegedly taken by an Afghan citizen who managed to get inside the plane. In the video, one can see that there is a man overboard, whose body is fluttering in the wind.

There has been chaos at the airport in Kabul for several days now. Locals are trying to get into the airport to fly out of the country. On August 16, it was reported that at least seven people died because of the chaos.

In addition, footage was released Monday showing dozens of Afghans trying to get a hold of a U.S. military transport plane leaving Kabul, and some falling after takeoff.

It also became known that U.S. military personnel at the airport in Kabul shot and killed two armed men after they opened fire on them.

In addition, during another incident at the airport, a U.S. serviceman was shot and wounded.

Civilian flights out of Kabul were banned Monday. Only military planes and helicopters take foreigners out of the country.